An entirely rich-source Discord Bot specializing in foreign language translation.

Welcome to Transword, the future of all Discord language translation services.

Whether you're with with your friends, your coworkers, business contacts or even community itself, Transword aims to provide a service unlike no other on Discord that will take the burdens of language barriers off of your shoulder. We're here to help connect that bridge together, and we want to do that with you.

Let's be real, we've all at one point in time went ahead and typed "google translate" into our search bar. We've been guilty of it too, and that's why we want to help end that short-term solution. A constant dilemma has always been the authenticity and accuracy of translations on the internet. With 100% certainty, we can confidently assure you that Transword will be as accurate as contextually possible, fueled by the DeepL API.

Nobody likes it when it takes forever for something to be done here on the Internet. Especially when it comes to translations, we're pretty sure nobody wants to wait as long as it took for her to pick up the phone and read your messages. Transword has been optimized in order to get your message delivered as quickly as possible in whatever language, regardless of bandwidth and potential connection problems.

Transword will always be able to be used for free. By the community, for the community. We understand the hardships of helping connect that gap between language barriers and wish to offer a solution that is available, free of no charge. By default, you will have access to a maximum of 200 characters.