Antares Bot

A small bot with a bunch of fun commands to get cute images of animals or answer your deepest question with 8ball nonsen

A list of User Commands

  • 'Counting' channel information is available using the command: adminhelp

  • This is a list of commands the bot currently supports

  • 8ball or ask: Ask the bot a question and have it respond

  • random: Sends a random thing.

  • cat: Sends a random picture of a cat.

  • dog: Sends a random picture of a dog.

  • reddit or meme: Sends a meme from some select reddits (use in nsfw channel until filtering can be improved)

  • xkcd or comic: Sends a random XKCD comic

  • github: Sends an embed with a link to the github repo for the bot.

  • prefix: Shows the Prefix for the bot.

  • invite: Sends an invite for the bot and the support server.

  • ping: Sends the ping time of the bot.

  • uptime: Sends the uptime of the bot

  • stats and update: Updates the database and shows the bots most recent stats.

  • adminhelp: Shows the Admin Help Embed

  • privacy: Sends in a dm, the privacy policy for the bot.